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The CARI team pursues its goals thanks to the energy, devotion and skills of its permanent and voluntary members. Its activities rely on the know-how of specialists and volunteers on the ground, who are all the professionals from the agricultural sector.

Members of the Board of directors

The orientation of the actions developed by CARI is defined by its administrators. The board of directors is elected at the general assemblies by the members of CARI.

  • Patrice Burger, President
  • Francoise Boutonnet, Vice president in charge of charity life 
  • Antoine Cornet, Vice-president, retired Director of research
  • Fabien Boulier, Treasurer
  • Jacques Prade, assistant Treasurer
  • Alain Catherine, Secretary, Retired Farmer
  • Sylvain Berton, Director of Programs at Agrisud International
  • Omar Bessaoud, IAMM Lecturer/researcher
  • Marc Dufumier, Agronomist, Professor Emeritus Agro Paris Tech
  • Michel Herrmann, Organic Farmer
  • Andre Marty, retired Sociologist Pastoralist
  • Robert Morez, international Consultant in agroecology
  • Melanie Requier, Lecturer researcher
  • Emilie Rousselou, Spirulina Producer

CARI pays homage to George Buttet, founder member and administrator of association, who died last winter.

Permanent, voluntary and civil services

  • Co-director in charge of the general affairs: Christophe Brossé
  • Co-director in charge of communication and events: Geraldine Allemand
  • Co-director in charge of the theme Desertification: Adeline Derkimba
  • Administration and finance manager: Aude Bonleu
  • Assistant to the coordination of ReSaD: Manon Albagnac
  • Oasis project manager: Mathilde Bourjac
  • Algeria Project manager: Ahamed Yahaya
  • Mauritania Project manager: Manon Maunoir
  • Marocco Project manager : recruitment in progress
  • Tunisia Project manager: Flora Ben Chekroun
  • Sensitization assistant: recruitment in progress
  • GTD animation assistant: recruitment in progress


CARI calls upon a team of speakers for the technical implementation of its activities. All are professionals close to CARI with significant experience in agroecology.

  • Yvette De Peyer. Co-operator of vegetable production in organic farming certified in the Cevennes. Specific intervention on micro-projects in agroecology (market gardening and direct sale)
  • Michel Herrmann. Organic farmer installed in the Cevennes, specialised in the production of market-gardening seedlings. Sale of pot seedlings. Web site
  • Gregory Searle. Organic farmer
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