Since 1998, CARI figths against the soils destruction in the drylands which are victims from climat change.
These territories are full of riches which are solutions to safeguard the nourishing heritage, protect the environment and improve the living conditions of the inhabitants.

The history of CARI has been marked in particular by the successive presidencies of Françoise Boutonnet (1998-2002), Hubert Gavoty (2002-2006), Gérard Garcia (2006-2012), and Alain Leplaideur (2012-2017).


  • CARI creation in a small village called Viols-le-Fort (34)
  • CARI  is accredited to the nations United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)


  • Launching of a project to support agro-ecological practices at Tin Zaouaten (North-Mali).


  • The creation and coordination by CARI of the Mediterranean antenna from pS-Eau
  • Creation and coordination of the GTD (Groupe de Traval désertification) and « Desertification and civil society » program.


  • Creation and coordination of the RADDO (Réseau Associatif de Développement Durable des Oasis) acting in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia
  • Creation and coordination of the water Mediterranean prize at the Hydrotop exhibition.
  • Development of agro-ecology training courses in Morocco, Tunisia, São Tomé and Príncipe, New Caledonia...


  • The CARI and RADDO launched The Voice of oases for the Global sustainable development Summit in Johannesburg (South Africa).


  • Publication of Guidelines for understanding and acting on the fight against desertification
  • Collaborative production of an almanac « To live in drylands » with touareg children.


  • Co-writing of the french strategy about the fight against desertification with public authorities


  • Coordination of the agro-ecological component in the national programme to safeguard oases in Morocco
  • Organization of the first international meeting « Désertif’actions’ in Montpellier, 56 countries represented


  • Founding member of Drynet, an international network of associations working on desertification.
  • CARI is partner of European research project DESIRE on desertification in 24 countries


  • Launching of the "Initiative" project for the safeguarding of the oasis heritage in Tunisia


  • Support to the creation of a panel of civil society organizations at the COP9-United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Patrice Burger is the first president of this panel.


  • Creation and coordiantion of ReSaD (Réseau Sahel Désertification) acting in Burkina Faso, France, Mali and Niger.


  • Patrice Burger is designated as being the civil society representative for dealing with desertification issues at the GA of the United Nations.


  • Organization of the « Drylands and oases » area at the sixth World Water Forum in Marseille
  • The CARI and ReSaD organize the first international meeting of the civil society on the The Great Green Wall in Burkina Faso.


  • The CARI assumes the presidency of Drynet. In this role, it is invited to advocate in plenary session at the European Commission.
  • The CARI and RADDO organize the oases first international meeting in Tunisia.
  • Creation of an educational kit on the oasis theme composed of an exhibition, a game and videos from the TV show "C'est pas sorcier".
  • Launching of an educational farm project on oases agroecological practices in Jorf (Morocco)


  • CARI represents the civil society at the AC of the OSS (Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel) in Tunisia.
  • Accreditation to the Climate Change Convention.


  • Organization of the second edition of the international meeting « Désertif’actions » in Montpeliier, 57 countries represented and 10 000 people sensitized.
  • Organization of an international press drawings competition « Earth and Climat », 20 countries represented.
  • Coordination of the regional component Fleuve project in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Chad.


  • Creation of an online resource center on the fight against desertification.


  • CARI launches its new associative project for 2017-2021.
  • Organization of the third edition for the international meeting « Désertif’actions » in Strasbourg.


  • CARI celebrate its  twentieth birthday : a meeting-debate in Paris and a concert at Viols-le-Fort


Organization of the fourth edition for the international meeting « Désertif’actions » in Ouagadougou.

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