Unlocking the market for Land Degradation Neutrality

Publication type:
Rapport / Étude / Note
Sarah Maillard and Renee Cheung
Publication year: 2016
Countries : Monde
Language(s) : Anglais

Presentation of the document

This market study presents the interest in investing for the LDN. It shows the needs for a new investment fund along with the opportunities and gaps within the LDN sector.

Table of content:

  1. Current state of the land
    • Defining land degradation
    • World land use overview
    • Current state of degradation
    • Main causes of degradation
    • Consequences of land degradation
    • Moving towards land degradation neutrality (LDN)
  2. LDN enabling conditions
    • A land of opportunities
    • Public momentum
  3. Driving forces for the LDN market
    • Key actors in the LDN sector
    • Project developers & investment managers
    • Funding sources
    • Industries
  4. Investment readiness of the LDN sector – opportunities and gaps
    • Sector observations
    • Investment-specific observations
  5. The LDN Fund as a source of transformative capital
    • LDN Fund could invest worldwide in both developed and emerging economies
    • LDN Fund could be a source of patient, long-term capital
    • LDN Fund could incubate ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ investment strategies through its Technical Assistance Facility
    • LDN Fund could support promising emerging project developers and investment managers
    • LDN Fund could develop synergies with established project developers and investment managers
    • LDN Fund could be investment aggregator and coordinator
    • LDN Fund could invest concessionary capital in blended finance structures 

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