CARI would like not to replace local skills. It is through accompaniment and co-operation that the capacities of local associations are reinforced and that populations acquire the means of their own development.

The role of associations of international solidarity like CARI is not to implement projects in the countries of the South in the place of local actors. Its role is to accompany the actors in their development projects through the reinforcement of their capacities. Sustainable improvement of the performance and the resilience of the partners in front of global economic and environmental changes. It is a question of aiming at the sustainable improvement of the performance of partners (capacity to achieve their goals and to adapt to their changing environment).

Skilled thanks to its experience, CARI also develops these performances through actors from the North on the questions of the combat against desertification.  

How can we translate this actor’s empowerment?

Actions are implemented on several levels:

  • Through widening of their knowledge by the capitalisation of information so that it can be immediately available to the actors either through briefings or on the Internet;
  • The installation of training meeting the needs of the actors which is at the same time technical and organisational;
  • Experience sharing through study trips or workshops of experience sharing;
  • Creating technical help documents for the implementation of the project: guides, theme cards…
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