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One of the main strengths of CARI is being able to lean on partners' network in France and on the international stage. To fill its missions, the association works in association with multiple partners, understanding associations, local authorities, national and international institutions, scientists, private one ...

CARI also gets involved in collective dynamics to contribute to the division of experiences, facilitate the dialogue and the exchange between the actors, act on the politics or the major development programs and advance the causes of general interest that it defends in the fault the elaboration of a strategy of plea.

They trust us!

Convention to Combat Desertification, French Ministries, Eruomed France Netword, Coordination South, International Agropolis, F3E, Drynet, Occitania Cooperation ...
Discover the structures with which CARI is partner.

Corporate sponsorship

CARI has received the support of organisations from the private sector over the years with which it has privileged relations. You can take part in the construction of a more interdependent world in North as in the South through company sponsoring.

Partnership exceeds simple financial support. We are persuaded that it can initiate dialogue, meetings and discovery between the worlds of international solidarity and the private sector. CARI develops personalised bonds with each private partner that makes each implication a real exchange, whether it is about sponsoring skills or providing expertise.

Effective collaboration with the private sector can contribute to decreasing land degradation by improving the quality and quantity of work that CARI and its networks can do in the fields of agroecology, natural resource management or empowerment of populations. This is why the association seeks dialogue with the private sector and stronger partnerships in order to act together efficiently.

Advantages of a partnership with CARI

In exchange for your support, we offer you to develop the partnership in different ways that corresponds to your support and your expectations. 

Together, we can organise:

  • Round-tables, conferences and debates led by experts on themes related to  sustainable development,
  • Oral reporting, testimonials and feedback on experience by field workers in the North and South,
  • Educational projects (school vegetable gardens, happy families card deck, collaborative games "Let us save the oases"…), awareness days for your employees and their families,
  • Group activities on agroecological techniques, how to fight against soil degradation...

We can transmit all information to you which will enable you to communicate as fully as possible to your employees, partners or customers on the adventure to which you have chosen to embark upon. You can also:

  • Post your support for the project (logo on the Internet site, current events, and relay on social networks…),
  • Transmit values which we share in an innovating way,
  • Benefit from the economic repercussions of your donation on developing territories.

Moreover, your company will gain visibility through our networks.

The tax reduction concerns also the companies. If you are taxable in France (has the right to) you can deduct 60% from the amount of your support for CARI from your income tax, within the limit of 0,5% of your annual sales turnover.

Current projects to support

To find out more on the current projects to support, do not hesitate to contact the CARI team.

Your support will enter fully into an approach of international solidarity and will reinforce a NORTH-SOUTH and South/South co-operation project which has been running for more than 20 years.

Over the years, many international organisations have trusted us, including the media, associations, institutional and private actors as well as others. Will you join them?

  • Support international development at the side of a privileged advisor of the French government on the questions of combating desertification,
  • Participate in the recognition of rural populations in arid zones,
  • Join a central project that facilitates exchanges between actors from the North and South,
  • Take part in the development of networks and collaborations for a better impact on the territories concerned.
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