Désertif'actions 2019 launches an international call for posters

Désertif’actions 2019 launches an international call for posters to celebrate civil society initiatives that combat desertification. These posters will be exposed at Ouagadougou during the whole summit from June 19 to 22.

 A poster exhibition to celebrate civil society

Combatting desertification is a challenge that couldn’t be addressed without the daily commitment of civil society. Its capacity to innovate, mobilize science and carry numerous projects on the ground is the bedrock on with international decision-makers should rely on to move the land international agenda forward.

Setting up a poster exhibition is D’a19’s (contraction of Désertif’actions 2019) way to highlight civil society actions in all its aspects.

The different posters categories concerned

  1. Scientific posters on desertification combat (recent progress, outcomes of innovative technical knowledge)
  2. Posters on current initiatives on desertification combat (innovative approach on conservation and land restoration, on multi-actors initiatives, etc.)
  3. Posters on terminated and assessed projects (outcomes, lessons learned, recommendations)
  4. Advocacy posters, addressed to decision-makers (messages with argumentation)

How to participate?

Go to our official website to have a look at the submission procedure and technical specificities.

  • Poster submission deadline: May the 06th, 2019
  • Feedback on applications: May the 24th, 2019
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