The setting up of a network of stakeholder and is a recognised need for CARI and guarantees a greater effectiveness of actions for the development service. In regard to advocating in favour of public decisions, networks are of a greater weight and cover a greater legitimacy. It is the same for capacity-building. Within the same network stakeholder reinforce each other according to their skills.

Through stakeholder networking, CARI seeks to create links between the different types of protagonists of international solidarity: public authorities, scientists, NGOs, local authorities and companies. The setting up of a stakeholder network is also a means of structuring the stakeholder of civil society in the South in order to reinforce their actions and their recognitions by national authorities.

CARI helped set up with partners of the following networks, and continues to be involved today :

Find more information on our projects in progress on this page: "Coordination of networks."

Désertif'actions: an international multi stakeholder summit led by CARI

CARI and its networks come together to carry the voice and the recommendations of the vulnerable populations to United Nations meetings, but also at less institutional meetings that are more favourable for exchange and dialogue. In order to make the voice of the arid regions heard, CARI created the international summit Desertif'actions.

The association has organised three editions of the Sommet Désertif'actions - Ground and climate: time to act! In 2006, 2015 and 2017.

This multi stakeholder meeting aims to raise the voices of those who are not heard, at institutional meetings. During two to three days, ONGs, scientists, local communities, farmer organisations, private and public institutions… All meet together to discuss and share opinions on the stakeholder’ initiatives regarding sustainable management and development of the land.

Edition 2006 - in progress

Edition 2015 - in progress

Edition 2006 - in progres

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