As an association of international solidarity, CARI also develops missions that involve making the general public more aware of the issue of international development and the fight against the degradation of land.
"In the context of a finished planet, where there are no more Americas to discover, co-operation and international solidarity is no longer just an optionbut a major emergency.»The problems of the present time concern us all." Patrice Burger

The problems of development addressedby CARI concern us all because they question the models of development to be set up in North and in South. It is important to heighten the awareness of the general public on these questions in order to give them the possibility to become performer of development on his own level and to act with full knowledge of the facts.

Continuing with the same goal to spread awareness to as many people as possible, CARI produces educational resources on the following themes: fighting against the degradation of land, food safety for the poor, sustainable management of natural resources…

  • Videos "What is desertification for you?". This collection puts together 4 videos of thepreconceptions of the general public on desertification and the answers of experts
  • Organisation of "COP decrypt: a meeting between citizens and the planet". This event deciphers three great environmental conventions of the UN and proposes a single exchange between the general public and the experts of these subjects. Climate, Biodiversity, Desertification… What problems for the planet? Deciphering so we can act better together. 
  • A collection of 7 bookmarks on areas affected by desertification
  • Discovery of oases exhibition made up of 14 panels (available on request)
  • Oasis game. This card deck is sold by CARI or is given to associations willing to develop activities around this game.

COP decrypt and its forum theatre

Activity with the game "Let us save the oasis" in schools in Morocco

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